Sunday, November 8, 2009

Books Collection..

Bedtime Story - Tiap kali sblm tidur mesti ibu bacakan buku ni utk aqil..
25 Rasul - buku ni utk ingati para rasul kita

Buku ni utk aqil kenal shape & transport...
yg ni pulak supaya aqil know ur body & abjad & animal..
this is for moral story...
Teaching Tolerance
This one comes in a list which me, myself & dear hubby are giving our best shot to follow do's & don'ts. Read on!i)
i) Notice your own attitude. Parents who want their child value diversity can be sensitive to cultural stereotypes, they may have learned & make an effort to correct them.
ii) Remember that kids are always listening. Do not make jokes that perpetuate stereotypes though how harmless fun it is, it can undo tolerance & respect.
iii) Select books, toys, music, art & videos carefully. Keep in mind the powerful effect the media & pop cultures have on shaping attitudes.
iv) Point out & talk about unfair sterotypes that may be potrayed in media.
v) Answer kids questions about differences honestly & respectfully.
vi) Acknowledge & respect differences within your own family. Demonstrate acceptance of your children's different abilities, interest & styles. Value the uniqueness of each family member.
vii) Remember that tolerance does not mean tolerating unacceptable behaviour. It means that everyone deserves to be treated with respect & should treat others respect.
viii) Help your child feel good about themselves.
ix) Give your child opportunities to work & play with others who are different from them.
x) Be enthusiastic about his response when he is in conversation and keep an eye contact with him.

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